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-Braised salted veal breast (served warm, with Madagascar pepper sauce glaze) served with a cold slow salad (carrots, fennel, celeriac), deep-fried capers.

-Braised salted veal breast: (served warm, with Madagascar pepper sauce glaze) Cook in a classic red vine and veal stock with vegetable garnish until nice and soft ready, then take the breast and vacuum with some of the reduce cooking jus, then keep in vacuum bag under pressure until cold dawn then for mise place cut of 2 stk of 70g square size, end reserve in the fridge, for service warm up the braised veal breast in to a pot with some of the reduced cooking jus with some pickle madagascar pepper and warm up gently. 1 stk/ portion.

-Cold slow salad: Grate some celeriac, carrots, fennel, them mix it with mayonnaise, and fin chop estrogen, parsley, lemon jus, s+p, and reserve in the fridge until needed, to serve dress on the plate, as show.

-Deep-fried capers: As say.

-Pluck parsley: As say.

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