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Roasted pork ribs, served with honey and mustard glazing, ramsløg emulsion, Coleslaw, pluck red cress.

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Roasted pork ribs: Order home 20 kg of pork ribs, Take the biggest pot you can fin fill up with around  35 litre of water, 2 litre of DK vinegar, and 300g of salt, add the pork ribs then bring to boiling point, then turn down the heat and cook at simmering point for a good 1 hours and 20 min, then drain the ribs off and cold them down in the blast chiller, when cold portion the ribs in half removing any extra fat of, then vacuum them with some of the garlic oil, and reserve in the fridge until needed. A la minute take 2 ribs then fry them on to the hot plancha to good coloration, then finish flashing them under the light and serve as show.

Garlic oil: 200g garlic, 3 litter soya oil, 2 bunch chop thyme, 1 bunch chop rosemary, 40g of salt, blend every thing together and reserve a side until needed.

Honey and mustard glazing: 3 kg of the home made ketchup, 1,2 kg of honey, 820g of hold grain mustard.

Mix together and reserve in vacuum bag or squeeze bottle until needed. A la minute dress in to the small porcelain ramequin as show.

Home made ketchup: 300g of tomato pure, 300g of tomato powder, 1,5 litre of apple lay, 5g spice cumin, 3 stk cardamom, 5g of E 300, 5g of dry dill, 20 g of salt, 2 g of xantana, 3g of fin pepper.

In the thermo blender, start blending the the apple lay with the spice cumin, tomato powder, cardamom, E 300, Dry dill, salt, fin pepper, for a good 2 min on full speed with, add the tomato pure, and finish blending the xantana to smooth consistency, then reserve in piping vacuum bag until needed.

Ramsløg emulsion: 300 g of fresh ramsløg, 2 dl of water, 5 g of xantana, 1,5 litter of soya oil, salt & pepper to test.

Wash the ramsløg under cold water, drain, and chop in ruff peace’s, blend in the thermo blender with the water for a good 4 min on full speed then sift, put back the ramsløg juice in to the thermo blender, then add the xantana and blend for a good 2 minute, and finish emulsify with the soya oil to smooth consistency, reserve vacuum in to piping bag or squeeze bottle until needed. A la minute dress in to the small porcelain ramequin as show.

Coleslaw (julienne celeriac, carrots, shallots, fennel): 1 kg Fennel, 1 kg Celeriac, and 1 kg of Carrots, 1kg of fresh slice shallots, 2 bunch of chives, salt and pepper to test, 2 kg of garlic mayonnaise.

Fennel crudity (1kg): Trim of the roots part off, then split in half, then from the side slice thin on the mandolin.

Julienne of celeriac (1 kg): Trim off the skin, then slice on the slicer machine on no 3, then finish portioning in fin julienne.

Carrots pilling (1 kg): Pill off the skin, trim off the top and bottom, then finish pilling the carrots all the way down.

Now mix the carrots, fennel, celeriac, and the fin chop shallots together with the chop chives and garlic mayonnaise, season with salt and pepper to test. Reserve in plastic contender until needed. A la minute drop a spoon full on to the plate as show.

Pluck red cress: As say.

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