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Fry falafel served with a sweat chilli salsa:


Fresh Falafel: 5kg of soaked chick-peas, 1kg chopped onions, 50g chopped garlic, 100g chopped ginger, 2 bunches chopped parsley, 100g coriander seed, 50g cumin, 20g chilli-flakes, 2stk cardamom, 2stk lemon zest, 15g gel burger/1dl water per kg, Salt/pepper

 Grind the chickpeas in thru the meat-grinder. Roast the spices on a pan and blend them in the thermo blender.

Start with a wide hot pot with oil, and sauté the onions, garlic and ginger. Add the spices and stir in the grinded chickpeas.

Add salt pepper the chopped parsley and lemon-zest. Then weigh the mass and add 1dl of water and 15g of gel burger/kg.

Put 1,5kg in vacuum bags with reds tripe and vacuum hard and put on press over night, next day carefully open the bags and portion in 2 cm dices reserve on to gastro tray between baking paper, when needed deep fry 5 peace by portion to golden coloration drain season with fin salt and dress in to the big glass ramequin coated with napkin.  

Sweat chilli salsa: 8 chop red onion fin brunoise, 2 bunch chop coriander, 2 bunch chop chive, 60g chop garlic, 40g of chop ginger, 10 fin chop fresh red chilli, 7 dl of sweat chilli sauce, 3 g of xantana, 1 litter of oil.

In the thermo blender start blending on speed 5 for a good 2 min, the sweat chilli sauce and xantana, then on full speed emulsion the oil to mayonnaise consistency, mix in the fin chop onion, coriander, chive, garlic, ginger, red chilli, seasoning with salt and pepper to test, reserve in mise en place contender in the fridge until needed, for service serve in the small glass ramequin.


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