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Danish apple cake, served with weep cream, apple jelly, crumble.

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Danish apple cake: 1 box of apple, 1 kg of sugar, 4 vanilla pods.

Peel the apples take the stones part off, then portion in ruff wedges, cook everything together in a popt of medium heat with a bit of water, and cover with a lead, to soft consistency and no coloration, then cold down and reserve in plastic contender until needed.

Weep cream: In chiffon bottle, 1 gaz

Apple jelly: 1 l of apple juice, 4 l of water, 3 l of cranberry juice. Take the left overs pilling from the box of apples you pill, cook in a pot at simmering point for 1 hours then sift the juice and set it with 10 leaves of gelatin By / liter, in to the 3 liter plastic contender and reserve in the fridge until needed. A la minute portion some uneven peace’s and dress on to the weep cream as show.

Crumble: 1250 g of butter, 1 kg of sugar, 0,5 kg almond flour, rasp.

Melt butter and sugar together until it starts caramelizing, pour almond flour and then rasp until its dry. Cold down and blend to cumble stage, then reserve in to plastic contender with silicasec until needed.

-Drizzle cacao beans nibs, salted almonds and pistachio nuts, freeze dry raspberries: 1 kg of ruffle chop salted almonds, 1 kg of ruffle chop pistachio nuts, 500g of cacao beans nibs, 200g of freeze dry raspberries, mix together, and reserve in plastic contender until needed.

Pluck mints.

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