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Year 2012

-Øllebrød cream, served with caramelized havregryn, fresh black berries & broken jelly, salted caramel toffee, milk chocolate ice cream, white chocolate cream chiffon foam, malt/almond crumble, pluck lemon verbena.Lemon Mazarin cake, served with a white chocolate ganache, raspberries pate a fruit & broken jelly, vanilla crumble with grated English licorice, cherry blossom & ymer sorbet, pluck wood sorrel.-“Salt gateau opera” Chocolate ganache & café butter cream, raspberries spheres and dots and free dry, white chocolate truffle panned burn white chocolate, served with café ice cream, pluck citron melisse.-Malt waffle served with a white beer ice cream, milk chocolate and olive oil ganache, sugar comfit chestnuts, pomme granate broken jelly + fresh, pluck lemon thyme.-Warm tart Tatin served with bergamot cream, and a fresh apple sorbet, scoop fresh apple & Tuile, apple skin, almond and malt crumble, pluck verbena.-Goat cheeses pannacotta, blood orange jelly terrine with fresh fillet of orange, carrot sorbet, deep fry donuts fill up with blood orange dusted in cloves sugar, mandarin granite, pluck citron melisse.-Coconuts parfait balls panned in crush meringues, served with a col boil Anna's in caramelized Rhum sugar lay, yoghurt muffin, coriander oil emulsion, pluck coriander.-Scoop passion fruit & white chocolate cheeses cake served with a Tahini ice cream, sesame cracker, freeze dry raspberries, pluck citron melisse.-Lemon tart, fresh black berries, burn meringue ”chiffon”, Butter fry toast bread ice cream, black berries broken jelly & skin, pluck Citronmeliss.Rhubarb terrine served with a goat milk sorbet, malt muffin & crumble, pluck pines tree, rhubarb & white chocolate cream dots.-Rice crispy chocolate and nougat, caramel toffee dots, slice pistachio, malt crumble, banana ice cream & banana tuile, pluck lemon verbena.-Bounty terrine, raspberries jelly, coated dark chocolate, served with a peanuts ice cream, freeze dry raspberries, passion broken jelly, pluck citron melisse.-Lemon thyme cream Brule, sugar cure havton, dark chocolate sorbet, streusel crumble and pluck lemon thyme.Black forest dessert, cream Chantilly infusion cherry flower, chocolate ganache, dry chocolate mouse, fresh cherry, cherry sorbet & broken jelly, pistachio crumble, pluck verbena.-Strawberry cheeses cake quenelle, strawberries broken jelly, milk & pins sorbet served with butter fry pain Perdue, brioche crumble, pluck lemon thyme.-Soak dry figs in whisky lay, marinated fresh slice figs, served with a milk chocolate ganache, chocolate & havregryn rocks, figs with passion fruit and mascarpone sorbet, olive oil & thyme chiffon, pluck tarragon.White chocolate cone served with black berries parfait, chocolate brownie disc, milk chocolate ganache quenelle, fresh black berries & broken jelly, pistachio crumble, pluck lemon thyme & mints.Fresh Strawberries, served vanilla cream “pana cotta with lota”, strawberries sorbet & broken jelly dots, havesyre granite, cookie licorice peace’s & crumble, chocolate cream dots, pluck wood sorrel.Vanilla panna-cotta set in a glas, poached peaches, raspberries sorbet, fresh raspberries, toffee dots, warm chocolate sauce, pain d epice crouton, pluck mints.“Apple crumble “ apple compote served with bergamot ice cream, Green Apple coulee spheres, Brown streusel & malt crumble, dry slice apple tuile, pluck verbena.Mini fondants served with a peppermint ice cream, broken gel of black currant, cured black currant, condensed milk toffee dots and a crumble of peppermint meringue, roasted macadamia nuts.-Vanilla crème Brule set with havtorn jelly in bottom, skyr ice cream, pickle havtorn, ruff streusel crumble, pluck lemon thyme.-White chocolate celeriac ice cream served with brown sure cake, burn white chocolate, pluck chervil & oil.Caramelised baba rhum served with an orange and cloves sorbet, lemon weep cream, streusel & malt crumble, pluck citron melisse.Chocolate ganache served with white chocolate and rice croquette, almond and pepper nod crumble, Sherry sorbet, Sherry sauce, pluck citron meliss.

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