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-Rice crispy chocolate and nougat, caramel toffee dots, slice pistachio, malt crumble, banana ice cream & banana tuile, pluck lemon verbena.

-Rice krispies chocolate and nougat disk: 2 kg of nougat, 1,2 kg of dark chocolate, 1 box of rice krispies.         On a bain-marie melts the chocolate and nougat together until reaching smooth mass then mix in the rice krispies, and set up in to 2 medium size silver tray lay down with baking paper, then cold down, when cold portion with the ring cutter no 4 and reserve in plastic contender in the fridge until needed (Keep the left over for other use).   

-Caramel toffee dots: 2kg sugar, 1,6 L cream, 400g of chop butter, 10g salt.

Caramelize sugar to dark brown, then add the cream, and finish adding the chop butter and salt. Then reserve the mix in to vacuum bag or squeeze bottle in the fridge until needed. For service keep in squeeze bottle, at room temperature, then dress as dots on top of the nougat as show.

-Malt crumble: 800g of flour, 200 g of malt flower, 1 kg of butter, 1 kg of sugar, 900g of roasted split almond. Combine all the ingredients in the robot and mix with a paddle, then crumble the dough onto a baking sheet and bake it at 165 degrees until cook, and cold down, then finish by blinding the biscuit to a ruff crumble and reserve in plastic contender with silicasec. A la minute for service cover the marmalade with it a layer of this crumble.

-Banana ice cream: 5 liter milk, 5 liter cream, 1,5 kg of pasteurized yoke eggs, 65g of Metil, 60 banana, 1,5 kg sugar, 20g of E300.

-Bake banana pure: First take around 60 banana skin on and bake them at 180 degrees for 15 min, then cold down, remove the skin and prosed the bake banana in the big blinder adding the E300, reserve in vacuum bag until needed.

In a pot mix the milk, cream, pasteurized yoke eggs, bake banana pure, and sugar, then lager to 82 degrees then finish blinding in with the big hand blinder the Metil to smooth consistency, then reserve in to Paco-jet contender, until needed.

-Banana tuile: Slice the banana with skin on, with the mandolin as thin as you can then remove the skin off, and dress on of silicone mole, drizzle with icing sugar, then bake at 75 degrees, with open fan for a good 4 hours, then cold down and reserve in plastic contender with silicasec until needed, a la minute brake down the banana tuile in half and dress as show.

-Slice pistachio: Slice fresh pistachio in half and dress on the plat as show

-Pluck lemon verbena: As say.

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