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Blood orange sorbet, served with blood orange & white chocolate cheese cake quenelle, smoke grill lemon Mazarin cake caramelized, roasted macadamia & pistachio crumble, blood orange dry meringues, grated English licorice, pluck citron verbena.


Blood orange sorbet: Fill up each paco jet contender with 400g of fresh blood orange segment, and 300g of blood orange sugar lay, then freeze down over 24 hour before use.

Blood orange lay: 7 liter blood orange pure, 6 kg of sugar, 1 kg of glucose, bring to boiling point skim off the foam part off, cold down in plastic contender in the fridge until needed.

 Fresh blood orange: Trim of the skin, then remove the fillet off and reserve them in they jus, for service drain 3 fillet and dress as show. 

Blood orange & white chocolate cheesecake quenelle: 3 kg of white chocolate, 15 leaves gelatin, 1,5 liter of cream 38 %, 1,5 kg of mascarpone, 1,5 kg of cream fraiche, 2 liter of blood orange pure 6g of xantana, 6g of citras.

Bring to 70 degrees the orange pure, then blend in xantana, citras, and soak gelatin, then cold down to room temperature, now melt the white chocolate in to a bain-marie, then diverse the warm chocolate in to the big blender, blend in the tempered blood orange pure, to smooth consistency, remove from the blender and reserve a side, now add the cream fraiche, mascarpone cheeses in to the big blender then blend adding the cream to, finish blending in the white chocolate and blood orange coulee to smooth consistency, then set in to the 1 liter plastic contender in the fridge over night before use. A la minute with a warm spoon quenelle the cream on to the plate as show.

Smoke grill lemon Mazarin cake caramelized: 3 kg butter, 1,5 kg sugar, 3 kg of marzipan, 2 liter of smoke grill lemon jam, 3 liter of pasteurized whole eggs, 600g of flour typo 00, 10g of xantana. 

In the rower mix the softer butter with the sugar, marzipan, to smooth consistency, then had the tempered smoke grill lemon jam, sift in the flour, then add slowly the pasteurized whole eggs, (every ingredient have to be a room temperature for perfect incorporation), now diverse the mix in to the small cooking vacuum bag then manually remove the air out of the bag as best you can then seal of the bag, role the bag flat on to tray, then cook at 85 degrees oven for 1 hour, when ready let col down at first  a room temperature for a good 20 min then put them under press in the fridge over night, Next day open the bag then with the ring cutter no 5, portion the Mazarin cake Deeping the metal cutter in hot water every time to evict them to stick  with the rings cut no 5 and reserve in the fridge until needed. For service caramelize the top part of the cake with pearl sugar and dress a show.

Smoke lemon jam: Peel the skin of 1 box of lemon and blanche them 3 time in Cline boiling water and reserve a side until needed. Now take the peel lemon and slice them in half dress them on to the hot stove until dark caramelization then diverse the lemon in to gastro tray lay down with baking paper, then dispose the trays in to a cold oven, Now in a pot on the induction at no 9 start to burn some off the wood smoke powder, until reaching tick smoke, then add this smoking pot in the bottom of the cold oven, immediately close the door, and start the oven on roast program at 25 degrees, then let the oven run for a good minute to really get the smoke every where then close the oven off and let them infuse for a good 20 min, repeat the smoking proses one more time, then with a fork, quizzes out the jus and the pulp from the lemon and sift it with the potato molder, you will be left with the grill smoked lemon juice, blend in the same amount of forest honey, and the blanche lemon skin, then reserve in plastic contender in the fridge until needed.

Blood orange meringues ruff peace’s: 880g egg white, 1,6 kg of icing sugar, 12g of citras, 880g of blood orange pure blend with 5g of xantana.

Wisk the white eggs to meringue consistency, sifting the icing sugar little bit a the time, then finish whisking in the blood orange and xantana coulee to smooth consistency, then spray the meringue on to flat tray lay down with silicone maps, then dry at 75 degrees for 4 hours with open fan, then cold down brake to ruff peaces and reserve in plastic boxes with silicasec until needed. For service dress 2 ruff peace’s on to the plate as show.

Roasted macadamia & pistachio crumble: Take 1 kg of macadamia nuts roast in the oven at 150 degrees for 15 min tossed around then bake for a extra 6 min, cold down, mix with 1 kg  of fresh pistachio and blend together to ruff crumble consistency.

Grated English licorice. Grate a la minute on to the finish plate.

Pluck lemon verbena.

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