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Year 2009

-Varm chocolat fondant m/ nellike og orange sorbet:-Orange cheese cake, salad of: Multe bær (set as a rectangular thin gelled) and marinated berries, peeled dark chocolate copos, vanilla cream, pluck mint, chocolate and orange ice crème on caramelize almond crust.-Apple tart Tatin, tonga beans ice cream, pluck mints, Appel caramel, almond crumbel, dry appel tuile.-Caramelize salted peanuts and chocolate ganache served with a fresh dice banana, crunchy meringue, warm banana cake, and a chocolate ice cream, pluck mints, and mach mallow chiffon, caramelize salted penults.Gateau “opera” (praline cream and chocolate ganache cover dark chocolate (French biscuit) served with a geranium ice cream and burned white chocolate, dark chocolate.-Dark chocolate fondant served with pears sorbet & confit, christmas beer ganache.-Vanilla panna cotta, caramel gelled variation of danish apple (apple and brow sugar granite, fresh bolls, and calvados chiffon) violet sugar macron.-Cafe liégeois, mascarpone and cafe cream, served with 2 ginger and cardamon yopol muffin, Tia maria sphere, chocolate truffle panned in grated burn white chocolate, coffee beans ice cream, almond crumble, cigarette spoon tuile, scoop fresh pars bolls, pluck estrogen & mints.-Chocolate fondant served with a praline heart, orange puree, coffee ice cream, pluck mint, caramelize almond.-Poached caramelize pineapple cook in the roner served with a coconuts panna cotta panned in pan-roasted cocos flakes, white chocolate snow, lime sorbet, chocolate tuile, coriander coulee.geléand melisse.-Figs glazed in anise and cinnamon sirup, cinnamon crouton, chestnut puree, figes ice cream, rosemary chiffon, lemon-Assiette of chocolate cone stuff with a passion fruit and white chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache cake wrapped with french biscuit white and black stripe, mango sorbet, on a burn white chocolate powder.-Green tea, cremeBrule, served with a toasted bread ice cream, crispy caramelized cereal breakfast, fresh pear, confit lemon.-White chocolate and mango mouse serve on a soft pain d epices biscuit, and glass age of with chocolate , hyben sorbet, chocolate decoration, mango, passion fruit and hyben salsa.-Pistachio and olive oil cake served with Cherry sorbet and mints crust (French biscuit dry with a ninths puree and blind as a rasp), almond and lemon chiffon, fresh cherry, pluck ninths, cherry tuile.(Comfit lemon julienne).“Tykmælk” (soured milk) with rhubarbs and macadamia nuts.-Peach Melba served with Raspberry ice cream and a vanilla ice cream , whipped vanilla cream and chocolate sauce with roasted almond and caramel toffee sauce, dry brioche dices served in glass.-Vanilla ice cream served with fresh strawberry and chocolate sauce.-Marie thee creme Brulee garnish with fresh berries and sorbet tapioca perle infused with the Marie thee.-Chocolate cake mascarpone lime quenelle, fresh berries.-Strawberry cake served with strawberry ice cream, pluck mints, chocolate shavings.-French biscuit stuff with strawberry frangipane, glaçage with white chocolate, Cafe (marbled) served with a strawberry ice cream, and warm white chocolate chiffon, pluck tarragon and fresh strawberry.-Poppy seed cake (dry and soaked in rhubarb syrup), Rhubarbs and balsamic ice cream served on black pepper short bread, pepper glass tuile, fresh raspberry, pluck mints and lemon thyme (every thing serve on a raspberry gelled).-Frozen caramelized almond, nougat parfait, rhubarb ice cream, pluck citronellas. Lemon glace tuile.-Kiwi, caramelized mandarin wrap in pan cake sharon fruit ice cream. cream.-French toast (brioche + chocolate) milk eggs sugar fried of, chocolate ice cream, salted macadamia nuts salted caramel, fresh date (marinade), lemon gelleecoulis, (hazelnuts paste cream).-Poires belle-Hélène (fresh Pears mandolin in round, mousse in chocolate tuille), Poached pears, vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate.-Vanilla crème Brulee served with Havtorn gelled, yoghurt (lemon juice and honey sorbet with some grated English liquorice and pick chervil.-Millefeuille of passionfruit Pannacotta, mango cream, puff pastry, lime fromage parfait set on dry meringue, blood orange, and grapefruit salsa, pluck mint.-Banana “split” banana mousse served in chocolate cigarette tuille accompanied with a cherry sauce a bake banana and chocolate dumpling coconut ice crème set on macaroon and banana tuile.-:Chocolate cake m/ port sugar cure dry fruits, and mascarpone creme-lemon cake served with citron fromage, tonga beans ice cream and Malto with brown butter powder, pluck lemon thyme.-Mango sorbet, served with a chocolat fudge, roasted macadamia nuts, sugar cure ingefær og yoghurt cream, pluck mint:Kiksekage of dark chocolate ganache, served with muskat iscreme, multebær, caramelized almonds:

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