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Year 2010

-Vanilla cream bruler, served with fresh berries, raspberries sorbet, grated english licorices, pluck chervil.-Exotic fruit salad served with a orange mazarin cake, ginger chiffon.pickel fresh cramberry in sherry vinegar sugar lay, pickel carambole, home made orange pure, passion sorbet, mango sphere, black almond crumbel, pluck mint.-Poacher pears in caramel lay, served with chocolate ganache, cacao malt muffin, chocolate ice cream made of classic bass and chocolate peaces in, pears williams whiskey chiffon, fresh pears bolls, glass tuile.-Skyrcake with a base of caramelized peanuts, marinated berries variation, raspberries sorbet, havre gryn with liquorice, shaving of chocolate.-Panna cotta of sawer milk coated in with a caramelized potato gelled, cure havton, and havton sorbet, fried brioche, butter milk chiffon, citron verbena, caramelized condensed milk cream.-Crepes suzette, vanilla panna cotta Panned in dry pane-cake, pane-cake, Mild line sorbet, “brown butter malto”, orange and grand-marnier caramel sauce (dices orange skin, roasted almond spill).-Salt caramel cream served with chocolate mousse, meringues, chocolate tuile, hazelnuts Musli crumble, dry anise meringues, milk sorbet, pluck chervil.-Toffee caramel big boll (1 Stk) served with Milk glee small bolls (2 stk), roasted macademia nuts, pickle rhubarb, rhubarb kiss (meringue), Sorrel (havesyre) chiffon, chocolate sorbet.-Exotic fruit salad served with a orange Mazarincake, ginger chiffon, passion sorbet.-Milk chocolate chiffon, and pickle carrot hart , havtorn sorbet, pearl onion, and malt almond crumble.-Lemon bavarois crush caramelized almonds served with a white chocolate ganache infused thyme, scoop apple pickle in a mints liqueur, black berries sorbet, pluck spanish chervil.-White chocolate parfait pane with a shezuan pepper crumble, served with mariner strawberries & consomme, lemon zest, dry meringues, pepper glass tuile and chocolate sorbet.-Chocolate mouse served with a geranium ice cream, have grin caramelized tuile, mounded sweat plum tomato, poacher scoop beetroot in balsamic vinegar and sugar lay, carrots puree and baby carrots in sugar lay, yogurt and dill muffin, malt crumble, pluck beetroot leaves, caramel toffee.-Coupe danemark, fresh slice strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, pluck mints.-Scoop raspberries parfait bolls coated milk chocolate and caramelized crush almonds, vanilla cream parfait in square mole, chocolate sorbet , 1 stk flue boller coated with puff sugar, raspberries guf, fresh berries.-Ryebreadpanna-cotta, cherrysorbet, chocolat tuile, fresh cherry, lemon thyme, Cherry/malt müsli, grater liquorice.-Melon tartar (of pastèque), grill smoke lemon ice cream, almond cake, scoop fresh honey melon, roasted caramelized almond.-Figs lemon thyme sorbet, confit figs & pumpkin kings cream brule.-Mix berries cremoso served on a honey spice bread, berries spheres, freeze dry berries, strawberries, raspberries, black current, honey almond tuile, lemon thyme and ymer sorbet.-Tonga beans pannacotta, lemon gel, hots mel caramelized tuile, brown butter ice cream, mariner multe berries & chiffon.-Chocolate ramequin boll, served with a rum liqueur figs, macademia nuts, riche chocolate brow, dark chocolate mouse, caramelized salted toffee, grill orange ice cream.-Caramelized apple served with vanilla ice cream.-Olive oil cake, white choco and goats cheese mousse, vodka chiffon, dehydrated raspberries. Raspberry sorbet grated english licorice, and pluck lemon.-Dark chocolate ganache served with ”glögg” sorbet, sugar pickled clementine and perbernød crumble.

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