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Year 2009

-Pan-fried duck breast, served with a duck sauce mounted a la minute with foie gras, potato puree, burn slice salt beak celeriac, celery crudity and sugar cur tranebær, pluck oregano.-Pan roasted beef tournedos served with beef tartar, boiled baby beetroots glazed in honey, lemon juice, butter. Horseradish fume, pomme frites, parsley and spinach puree, pluck parsley.-Wild duck breast pan-fried, served in a quinoa beans and pluck confit duck legs, and slice pak choy, carrots, served as a warm salad, foie gras bouchon panned in panko, confessed prune, and sweet and sawer prune glaze sauce, pluck verbena.-red label chicken breast ballotine served with fondant potato basket + small trimming stuff with concasse tomato, estragon and a puree of carrots & , gribiche sauce, black olive dice tomato and sweat shallot reduce chicken jus.cardamon-Tyksteg of veal served with a root vegetable stew (carrots, celeriac, parsnips) “blanket de veau style” wild mushroom puree, brocheta of salted veal tongue, foie gras and braised ox-tail.-Roasted venison legs served with a onion pickel red beetroot, salad of brussels sprout, pan-fried wild mushrooms, smoked mash potato, and taragon pure.-Braised ox tail served with a pan-fried veal sweat bread, fresh black berries and snaps, braising jus.-Roasted veal tyksteg, sweat bread pan-fried and glazed in red vine Veal sauce, crispy rasp (maybe green rasp), blanched green asparagus butter lemon jus, rissoles potato, deep fried onion rings panned in panko rasp.Pluck ramsløg, tartar sauce.-White asparagus with salted pork tenderloin, quail egg and nage of smoked cheese.-Braised lamb shoulder served with pan-roasted new potato (mushroom), carrot pure, baby carrot glazed in orange and honey, carrot crudity, lamb jus emulsion with olive oil and chop dill, salad of frizzed, red grapes.-Pan-fried corn feat chicken roasted on the bones , roast summer onion with top, poached eggs, sautéed green asparagus, warm new potato salad, red piperade, chop herb garnish (tarragon, parsley ect….).-Pan-roasted rack of lamb marinaded (oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary) served with lamb sausage and oregano, gratin potato Tian of Mediterranean vegetables, lamb and rosemary sauce, black olive, and tomato brunoise, pluck frize salad & chervil.-Grill T-bone steak, served with salt baked celeriac, pickle wild mushroom, fried rissole potato, Tarragon emulsion, pluck tarragon and Tomato béarnaise sauce.-Pan fried rye bye steak served with bleu cheeses butter, fried maw, roasted solo garlic & new onion.-Roasted veal served with a terrine of roots vegetable set with mash potato, croquette of braises veal and smoked garlic red wine sauce, estragon emulsion.-Tournedos of veal 140 g served with Carpatchio of braised cheek veal, salted lemon veal jus mounted butter, warm salad of quinoa beans, marinated courgette slices, blanche sugar beans, pan-fried chanterelle.-Pan roasted tournedos of duck breast, braised pork belly, served with small pommes dauphines, fried Portobello mushroom, garlic roasted spring onion, reduced apricot puree emulsioned with .-Poached breast of Guinea fowl served with peas pure and fresh peas, licorice crumble, and creamed moral sauce, fresh home made tagliatelle pluck watercress.-Roasted fillet of pork, served with a smoked mash potato, pan-fried black pudding, and white pork belly terrine, pickle redtyttebær, choucroute ,hold grain mustard creamed sauce.-Beef tournedos served with a terrine of roasted potato, deep-fried potato skin, tomato and onion compote, fried Portobello mushrooms, chopped parsley, red wine Madagascar pepper sauce.-Roasted legs of venison served with a black pudding, brunoise wrapped with pain d epices. Jerusalem artichoke puree, butter fried turn apple, Morel and wild port vine jus, pluck tarragon.Pomme duchesses Pickled carrot-Beer marinaded fillet of pork served with braised shanks and gule ærter pure.-Grill pork cutlet served with peas pure and fresh peas, liquorice crumble, and creamed morale sauce, fresh home made tagliatelle pluck peas shoots.-Roasted rump of lamb served with a garlic and thyme crust, mini ratatouille in a puff pastry basket, baby turnips and home made lamb sausage, baked garlic cream.-Veal (osso buco, braise in a fresh madagascar pepper red vin jus), fried maw & dices toast bread crouton, puree of celeriac, blanched roots vegetables (celery, persil roots), pickle pearl onion in a red vine vinegar lay and pickle carrots heart, pluck estrogen-verbena.-Pork cheek braised with elderberries with foie gras balloting rolled in walnuts and puffed rice, apple pure, flat crouton with ”apple salad” and pork / elderberries sauce.-Roast filet of beef Yorkshire pudding, pumpkin pure, garlic thyme pudding terrine, madeira veal sauce, sage crust.-Roasted pigeon and braised legs served with sautéed endives (glazed with pigeon stock, melas sugar, parmesan cheese, use the glazing for sauce) served with a Risotto with saffron pane in bread crumbs (Arancini), milk pistachio foam, and dried ventreche.-Tournedos of beef 200g/stk served with rösti potato, chutney of quince, variation of onion , deep-fried onion rings, caramelize pearl onion, sauteed spinach, confit bake solo garlic puree, pluck tarragon, sweet onion demi glace sauce.

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