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Year 2010

-Roasted salted duck breast, served with a pan-fried rugbrød bread terrine made of confit duck legs and foie gras, preserved new onion, fried spidskål, spidskål pure, sugar cured red bikes, chop ramsløg, chicken gastric sauce split with duck fat, pluck red cress.-Lamb, fillet and sausage, served with a pearl buck risotto with crudity of fennel, and cauliflower, with puree of caramelized cauliflower, rocket, confit shallots rings, lamb jus.Braised chicken legs balloting, served with pan-fried polenta, morel sauce, pan-fried spinach, marinade Enoki mushrooms, Blood orange segments, pluck feel salad.-Grill mariner rump of lamb served with a compote of new potato and grill caramelized lemon jam, pluck parsley, grill pickle peaches, lamb & black red wine sauce and grated summer cabbage.-Pan-fried medallion of pork fillet served with confit new potato, tomato chutney, fried white asparagus tips, white asparagus puree, fried fresh chorizo sausage, and roasted dry chorizo sausage, ramsløg chiffon.-Venison legs served with a red quinoa beans grated cauliflower and broccoli warm salad, fresh mays, fresh peas & puree, spring rolls of minced venison and oriental spices), pluck peas shots.-Roasted fillet of pork 120g / stk, and classic sausages, served with spinach puree, glazed beetroot, and deep-fried pomme dauphines, tarragon sauce.-Beef tournedos 170g /stk, braised tail 30g / stk,abricot emulsion, spring onion, pomme dauphine, pan-fried portobello mushroom with garlic butter, pluck red cress.-Roasted veal tyksteg, served with a horseradish mash potato, green asparagus, fresh cherry´s & puree, cabbage salad, foie gras crumble Malto, and a cherry gastric.-Osso-buco glazed in red vine jus, slow confit heart, solo garlic puree, dices of roots vegetables, butter fried pack choy, and roots crudity, spinach tortellini.-Roasted guinea fowl and confit legs, served with blanched green asparagus, white onion puree, fresh raspberries, croquette of lentil, pluck parsley, reduce chicken jus.-Braised lamb shanks (no bones) served with salad of Brussels sprout, grape fruit, fennel crudity , pearl buck risotto.-Roasted veal culotte served with spinach estrogen puree, sautéed summer vegetables (asperges, baby carrots, new potato, new onion), apple vinegar, butter, apple gastric sauce, fresh apple.-Confit rabbit legs served with ragout of lentille and bacon,farmer beans, dices carrots, split leaver and garlic sauce.-Roasted mays poussin chicken, and confit legs croquette, pomme anna, puree of onion, spiskål and blanched ventreche casserole, pluck parsley, chicken reduction jus.-Roasted American beef rye bay 200 g or 300g, grated beetroots crudity, roasted bell red pepper ruff dices, grated horseradish, pluck estrogen, deep fried confit potato, fried smoke maw, and a tartar sauce.-Braised pork jaws, pearl buck risotto with wild mushrooms, preserved leeks, pickle cepes, slice preserved leeks, pickle pack choy, deep-fried pork skin, pluck rocket cress.-Pan fried fesan breast served with a confit legs croquette, pickle pearl onion, sauteed green cabbage, pickle brown mushrooms, fried ventreche, roasted new potato and celery mash.-Pan-fried american rye bay steak, 250g and 300g / stk, served with grill pomme kings, peppercorn sauce red vine and veal stock, roasted garlic and confit shallots rings deep fried pomme dauphine.-Braised pork shanks shanks served with a fried brooked potato terrine, caramelized cauliflower pure and crudity, grill caramelized lemon pulp and braising pork jus, salad of fresh shallots rings, basilica, soya beans carrots.-Wild duck breast,confit cèpes, duck & Krone dill glaze syrup.legs, served with compote of heaps, Jerusalem artichokes pure and roast tips, pickle-Pan fried Canadian rib eye, malt braised beef breast, served with dice risole potato, black trumpet mushroom sauce, “coleslaw” salad..-Fried salted duck breast served with confit duck leg, red cabbage pure, apple ”tart-tatin”, fresh scoop apple, pluck estragon.

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