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Year 2012

Butter poached white asparagus & crudity, served with a cure pork fillet slice, poached quail eggs, big deep fry onion rings, deep fry pork skin, rye bread crumble, estragon emulsion, pluck estragon & pickle strand portulack.-Roasted rack of lamb, and braised lam shanks terrine served with a parsley and water cress pure, preserved salsify in rasp oil, deep fry compress potato, fresh shallots rings, pluck water cress & stem panned in mushrooms dust, pickle wild chanterelle, reduce lamb stock mounted olive oil.-Pan fry terrine of braised pork cheek served with a smoke mash potato, ramsløg emulsion & pickle, pickle pearl onion in caramel lay, Port gastric jus, butter poacher savoy cabbage & carrots dices, pluck red cress & cress.-Roasted leg of venison served with a chestnuts pure & cinnamon, sautéed green cabbage, preserve olive oil red baby beetroot & pickle yellow, split port wine gastric, with sugar cure lingonberry, chestnuts peaces, sauce, pluck cress & red cress.-Pan-roasted rye bey steak 250 g served with fry compress bake potato, pickle botana onion in balsamic and brown sugar lay, quince pate a fruit, blue cheeses cream, dry grapes fruit on stick, celery crudity, madagascar pepper sauce, rye bread tuile, pluck red cress.-Veal fillet served with open malt ravioli and comfit sweat bread, cauliflower pure + crudity, broccoli & cauliflower couscous, roasted hazelnuts, red cress, lemon coulee veal stock cream foam sauce.-Roasted pork tenderloin coated with Parma ham and wrapped in crepinette, pork sausage stuff with blue cheese, Fry green cabbage served with a white beans cassoulet, sun dry tomato, fry bøgehatte mushrooms, pluck red cress.-Guinea fowl breast roasted and pluck braised legs coq au vin style, Fry foie gras, fry brown mushrooms pickle, lentil “coq au vin” sauce, pickle pearl onion white wine lay, dices carrots, pluck ramsløg.Fry comfit veal breast, ramsløg emulsion & pickle capers, pickle grill new onion, green asparagus, whisked brown butter quenelle, dry veal cheeks fry onion malt bread crumble, pluck skvalderkål, boil new potato mix with shallots and chop parsley serve a side.-Salted braised lam heart & fillet, butter fry spiskål (terrine), deep-fry onion rings, green parsley creamed sauce foamed, (potato) marinated rhubarbs, Pluck wild watercress.-Fry rib eye steak served with, fry spring onion, salted mariner olive oil squash, caviar of eggs plant, pluck estragon & red cress, pomme frits, béarnaise sauce.-Fry braised veal jar terrine served with fry sweat bread, with a quinoa salad (white, red, black), ramsløg emulsion, and cauliflower pure + crudity, Fry bøgehatte mushrooms, reduce morale jus, pluck red cress.Fry braised pork shanks terrine coated with crispy pork skin and rye bread crumble, ragout of carrots top, fresh peas, morel, white asparagus & broken jelly, reduce braising jus mounted with butter, pickle red new onion, and pluck strand peas shoots.Roast leg of lamb & Terrine, served with a lamb sauce, fry mushrooms, pills shrimps, fresh peas and pure, green asparagus, compress potato, dill oil, pluck peas shoots.-Roasted veal tykksteg served with butter fry baby corn, fresh raspberries, and veal jus with fry chanterelle & fresh corn, grated fresh horseradish, pluck French water cress.-Duck breast served with dry Jerusalem artichoke (glazed chicken stock & butter), Jerusalem artichoke pure & crudity, fry chanterelle mushrooms, fry spinach & shallots, foie gras sauce, pluck French watercress.Fry comfit Bornholm chicken legs top & terrine, served with a fry foie gras, dices potato (cherry lay, reduce chicken stock mounted butter), fresh raspberries, butter fry burn cauliflower, marinated heart salad, crispy skin pluck pickle mustard strand.Fry Rey bay steak 200g, and tartar, 50g (chop shallots, ramsløg ect.) butter fry new onion, green asparagus & baby carrots, fresh peas, crocket of potato and ramsløg paned panko, Veal jus & Madagascar pepper, pluck french water cress.Fry braised pork belly and black pudding sausage, classic choucroute, home made mustard, crispy pork skin, pickle pearl onion apple lay, pluck oregano.Fried leg of venison and a croquette of the trim served with roasted parsley root glazed in honey, pear pure, hazelnuts and chopped parsley, parsley root pure, venison glaze and a hazelnut-chiffon, fresh pear and pluck parsley.-Roast rack of lamb (with bones), served with a lamb and blue cheese sausage, classic choucroute (lamb bacon), fry green cabbage, potato pure, grated burn garlic, pluck red cress.-250 g Australian beef rib eye, served with baked onion pure, red wine pickled pearl onion, quince pate fruit, burn preserved leek and red wine jus mix with chop shallots and estragon, fry smoked maw, pluck leek shoots & estragon.-Wild duck Brest & comfit legs, served with butter fry dry Jerusalem artichoke (glazed chicken stock), fry wild mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke pure, sautéed spinach, foie gras sauce, pluck French watercress.Braise lamb neck croquette and comfit, pumpkin seed and malt crumble, served with Hokkaido pumpkin pure and fry peace, sautéed black trumpet mushrooms, pomme Hanna, Pluck rocket.Roasted veal fillet, and fry comfit sweat bread served with scoop fresh apple, butter fry green cabbage, deep fry compress potato, comfit beetroot peace & crudity, roasted hazelnuts shallots veal sauce, pluck estragon.

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