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Year 2011

-Pan-fried breast of corn fet chicken, swede slices and puré, roasted macademia nuts, pomelo and anise glace tuile.-Beer marine Pork fillet reblochon cheese, celeriac tuile for mille feuille, classic choucroute, estragon emulsion, chorizo mash potato, salt bake celeriac, scoop fresh apple.-Roasted leg of venison served with a celeriac puree, paupiette of braised meat wild mushrooms, pickle onion, wrapped in Savoy cabbage, salad of Savoy cabbage, salted lemon, pluck rocket confit baby red beetroot, scoop of fresh apple, reduce apple gastric chicken stock sauce.-Canadian ribey steak served with deep-fried confit sweet potato, red wine pepper sauce, deep-fried onion rings, pickle pearl onion in red wine lay, sautéed spinach, confit bake garlic pure, chutney of quince, pluck estragon, mustard cress.-Fried confit lamb shoulder served with a compote of potato and caramelized smoked grill lemon, pluck parsley, beetroot ketchup, salad of pluck Brussels sprout, cauliflower crudity, French water cress, emulsion sauce of the cooking jus with olive oil foam.-Roasted veal tenderloin, pan-fried sweat bread, braised shanks, served with a ragout of black eyes beans, pickle salad onion in apple lay, chantenay carrots, persil roots pure + crudity, pluck watercress cress, parsley cress.-Confit rabbit legs served with crush new potato terrine, lemon skin julienne, burn garlic, apple pure, fresh scoop apple, pickled rhubarb and spring cabbage crudity.-Braised pork shank served with, baby chantenay carrots, dice celeriac, pan-fried new potato, rocket emulsion, + pluck, hole grain mustard crackers deep-fried), consommé of chicken and pork, black trumpet, rocket cress.-250 g beef strip-loin, charon sauce, pomme frite, crispy purple potato, Mounded baby tomato, deep-fried capers, preserved leeks, estragon and malto crunch, confit shallots rings, pluck estragon.-Guinea fowl served with pickle cucumber, rhubarb compote, pomme Anna, deep-fried persil.-Rack of lamb 120 g served with check peas, deep fried falafel, yoghurts coriander sphere, fried spiced sausage, orange glazed chantenay carrots, tapioca tuile curry salt, and mango marmalade.-Roasted veal culotte served with ramsløg emulsion, pickle onion leaves, butter fried green asparagus, green peas pure, pomme dauphine, fresh peas marinated in rasp oil s+p, veal stock infused thyme & garlic chiffon, pluck peas shots.-Pan-roasted venison legs & deep-fried croquette served with sautéed new potato, baby carrots, green asparagus, Pickle new onion & bøgehatte, and smoke grill lemon jam, estragon emulsion, pluck estragon & mustard strand.-Salted duck breast served with grill smoke peaches emulsion, mariner Vadouvan soya sauce and rasp oil slice blette) stamps & green pure, confit potato, leeks hash, pluck french water cress.-Fried filet of angus beef, fried mushrooms, sweet corn pure, raspberries, veal-glace with corn, hazelnuts, shallots, fried heart salad, parsley.-Roasted mays poussin, confit legs 2 stk, served with mays pure, fresh raspberries & pate a fruit, popcorn, fried baby mays, chicken stock chiffon, grated fresh horseradish, pluck french water cress.-Roasted veal culottes, and fried sweat bread, served with neatell pure fresh peas, pickle new onion, capers salt, pickle carrots heart and carrots ketchup, Balsamic gastric sauce.Fry ribey-steak-Pan-fried Canadian, served with fried smoked maw, slice strawberries, Tomato relish, chop estragon, preserve grill new onion in rasp oil, dauphine potato, balsamic and shallots emulsion, pluck estragon & red cress.-Braised veal shanks terrine, served with fry smoke maw, preserved new carrots tops, salted bake celeriac, reduced braised jus mounted foie gras butter, pommes Hanna pluck carrots top & chervil, and pickle ramsløg.-Roasted Fesan breast on the bones, served with “ragout” of lentil, carrots, preserve salsify, pickle pearls onions in apple lay, pluck salted confit leg, celeriac pure, pluck wild water cress & stem.-Fried pork fillet (marinated in beer 100g /stk) & fried black pudding sausage 80g, pork cracklings served with a classic apple choucroute, dauphine potato, and home made mustard, pluck oregano.-Pan-fried beef fillet or Rey bay 250g served with a ruff sauce chasseur wild mushrooms, dry tomato, pluck estragon, smoke maw chiffon, confit potato rings, pickle pearl onion.-Pan fry wild duck breast served with comfit legs and rye bread terrine, sugar cure gooseberries, Jerusalem artichokes pure, roasted tips, split apple gastric sauce with rasp oil, pluck wild cress & cress.-Pan-fry rib-eye served with a pickle carrots maw and pure, sautéed green cabbage, croquette of oxtail, preserved red beetroots, and red vine jus infused krondill, pluck red cress & peas shoots.-Roasted salted duck breast served with pan fried confit leg terrine, caramelized potato fondant, red cabbage pure, apple pure, apple gastric, shallots, fresh dices apple, pluck peas shots.

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