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Year 2009 

-Pan-fried multe wrapped with (feuillede bricke) stuff with mango chutney and salted peanuts, salad of fresh artichokes hart and mango leaves; pluck choa cress, marinade baby shrimps.-Poached king crabs balloting “farce” and braised pork jaw served with emulsifier foie gras “soup made of, reduction of pork stock, mounted a la minute with foie gras butter” with butter confit leeks rings, and leek ash, with sugar cure havton, pluck chervil.-Deep fried scallops “tartar” norwegian lobster with cauliflower pure & crudity, beetroot crudity and buttermilk chiffon, pluck red seaweed.-Warm scallops Carpaccio and roasted macadamia nuts served with a salad of shallots, spring cabbage, pickledginger (exotic) mango and red chili salsa, Malt bread tuile (malt crispy bread), pluck coriander.-Fried lobster with a compote of Jerusalem artichokes with bits of lobster and lobster glaze. Pickled and caramelized pear, horseradish foam and dried crumble, pluck cress.-Pan-fried dorade fillet served with butter glazed baby fennel, friedgnocchi and tomato sauce “concasse tomato” basilica oil, Parmesan tuile, pluck basilica cress.-Cured smoked salmon fillet served on a spinach bavaroi, covered with a thin parsley glee, horseradish, lemon zest, honey cream, baked salmon skin as a crispy tuile, lemon and cucumber balls.-Fresh oysters served marinaded wheat, scoop cucumber crudity, pluck cress, malt tuile, and “skyr” horseradish cream, parsley & cress foam.-Pan-fried scallops served with a Jerusalem artichoke puree & roast, jer-artichoke crudity, roasted macademia nuts, fried lardo fat, and a salad of julienne of leek, carrots, shallots, salted lemon, and a vadouvan chiffon.-Fried cod roe served with a bacon and fried spring onion, deep-fried dry cod skin, brown butter, pak choy and grapefruits salad.smoked mash potato-Gazpacho of tomato (lightly spiced with piment espelette) served with pan fried dorade, pluck portulack, grilled peach marinaded in olive oil, salted lemon, julienne of salted cucumber (coriander, lemon grass oil).-Carpaccio of tuna served with a anchovy and olive oil boll, black olive crouton, creamed yoke eggs (tartar of tuna with the trimming panned sesame seed), deep fried salted capers, green pees, pluck salturt, and oyster cress.-Pan-fried scallops served with sautéed white asparagus and vadouvan brown butter sauce with chopped strawberry and roasted almond herb pluck freeze salad & salturt.-Pan-fried sea bass served on del Monaco potato mussel-creamed volute, salad of Pickled root vegetables julienne marinade apple vinegar topped with herbs salad, butter fried pakchoy leaves.-Tomato soup served with a king crab rillette, marinaded Lumpfish and deep-fried tapioca with crab salt.-Butter fried poached konge crab balloting coated with toast bread, served with fried spinach, fried black trumpet mushrooms, morn chiffon.-Pan-fried winter scallops sandwich, served with choucroute, crispy potato, mustard sauce.-Consomme of crab infused with crondill, and cured crabs tail, pickle onion in red wine lay, ramsløg mayonnaise spheres, brunoise of carrot, courgette (scoop with paris spoon small one), bouquet of cauliflower, Deep-friedwanton of scallops.-Cure scallops (slice) served with vichyssoise chiffon, malt tuile, malt powder, pluck tarragon and tarragon oil, fresh apple & apple glee pill asparagus &crudity, slice potato, and shallots ring salad. radish-Cod brandade deconstructed with poached cure -Cod panned in capers dust, served with the chives and parsley mach potato and crispy cod skin and pickle Perl onion in a red vine vinegar lay, potato chips, pluck oyster cress.-Bake cod fish with a parmesan and parsley crust served with a braised pork joe “in chicken stock” set as a terrine and sauce made of the reduction of the braising jus, and dice boil beetroot, chop ginger, and puff pastry beetroot tuile.-Pan-fried red snapper served with spice salad (snack red pepper fruit, lime zest, shallot rings, green apple, balsamic and olive oil dressing, fresh coriander) and a saffron and pineapple Chutney (puree and dices, pineapple dry crispy).-Pan-fried scallops served with a pumking and cardamon soup, vanilla oil Malto crumble, and a pluck oyster leave.-Pan-fried scallop served with pea puree, malt bread crouton, pluck pea shoots, marinade soya beans, and a white chocolate veloute,-Pan-fried Scallops served with a confit salsify (in rasp oil), Crispy malt pain d epices tuile, sautéed green cabbage and “dry” mustard seeds pickle vinaigrette with balsamic, lemon zest.-Panna cotta of cauliflower and goat cheese, served with yellow beetroot gelled, red beetroot slices, roasted macademia nuts, cauliflower crudity , and marinated poached king crab, pluck red cress.-Pan-fried knurhane served on Terrine of toasted bread and smoked mackerel crudity off scoop apple and a butter fried baby fennel, pluck dill, sweet corn puree.-Cure grill tun pave, pluck rosenkål, crudity cauliflower and caramelized cauliflower pure, malt crouton, and oyster chiffon, horseradish gelled, rasp oil vinaigrette made of lemon zest, chop shallots, chives, dill, parsley ect......-Confit wild salmon, served with pickle green tomato, roasted pumpkin and pickle pumpkin, (saffron hollandaise), pluck dill and water cress, krondill syrup.-Pan-fried octopus in a persilliade (garlic butter and chopped parsley) served on a toasted bread and a roasted pimento, stuffed with roasted red bell pepper, on a bed of aubergine caviar, saffron mayonnaise, persilliade sauce.-Duo of scallops and baby prawns served with violet potato rosti since lavender and cold slow served on heart salad prawns cream.-Pan-fried red fish served with a chorizo mach potato and a special root vegetables salsa, pickle mustard seeds.

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