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Year 2010

-Lumpfish eggs marinaded, served with a white asparagus panna cotta, Snaps glee, pluck red sea wets, rugbrød crumble, pill asparagus & radish crudity.-Pan-fried mackerel, new onion, pain d epices, caramelized plum tomato, mash potato, mussel and red curry sauce.served with pickles green strawberries,-Pan-fried scallops, served with fried spring onion, baby Britannia potato, potato truffle oil chiffon, leeks and shallots rings, leek hash, pluck water cress, scoop fresh apple, scallops caramelized crumble.-Fried sweat bread, and cure Norwegian lobster tail, parsley consomme, lobster bisque glee, fried potato puree, pickle baby potato, pluck Sea-wet.-Croquette of potato puree, and poacher king crab in (court-boillion), spinach puree, Tomato and sultana raisin jam, Shelf fish mayonnaise, mariner pluck Peas shots.-Pan-fried smoked lumpfish toasted bread terrine, served with marinaded fresh lumpfish eggs , buttermilk chiffon, cauliflower crudity, and puree, pickle botana onion, danish cress.-Fried green asparagus served with mariner sushi shrimps and a chiffon of shrimp, 60 degrees poached eggs 2 hours minimum, brown butter sauce made of chop Vadouvan, dry Morel, Rugbrød tuile, asparagus crudity.-Pan-fried saddle of rabbit (+bones) served with glassed (brown sirup) kålrabbieand cardamon, puree and pickle, poached lobster in a pickle lay and served room temperature, mustard cress, lobster mayonnaise.-Bake cod fish 80g stk served with a pan-fried ventreche and green cabbage, confit shallots onion rings, and potato chiffon, malt crust, caramelize cauliflower pure.-Pan-fried white asparagus served with rasp oil vinaigrette with, shallots, ramsløg, salturt, lemon julienne, and smoked cheeses chiffon.-Butter cook new potato served with fresh goat cheeses, pluck onion cress, tempered potato chiffon, split morel vinaigrette, rugbrød tuile and beetroot crudity.-Poached halibut balloting 70g, ragout of new potato white asparagus, soya beans, carrots slices poacher ventreche,løvstikke, mix in a bit of bisque mounted butter, white asparagus chiffon, and pluck peas shots.Cure shrimps, served with salad of scoop green melon, cucumber, strawberries, brown butter mayonnaise, skyr chiffon, ruff toast bread crouton, and pluck spanish chervil.-Fried green asparagus served roasted monkfish tail 60g, 60 degrees poached eggs 4 hours minimum, brown butter sauce made of chop Vadouvan, dry Morel, chop chives, brunoise of shallots, toast bread crouton, asparagus crudity, pluck salturt.-Cod row pan-fried , and smoked cod eggs emulsion, sun dry tomato tart Tatin, Deep fried onion ring in panko, picklebotanaonion. Pluck ice salad.-Pan-fried scallops served with aAjo Blanco soup,caramelized cauliflower puree & crudity, fresh almond, salted cucumber, and salturt vinaigrette.-1,5 stk cured scallops, 1 stk pan-fried, scallops crumble , salad onion pure, slice smoked fat , brown butter, onion rings cucumber and pluck cress, radish crudity.-Pill Swedish shrimps mariner with olive oil s+p, fresh pluck peas, served with pan-fried rye bread crouton sandwich stuff with cure salmon “mousse”, danish new potato, mayonnaise, pickle new onion, lemon julienne, pluck water cress.-Pom king soup “veloute” served with a pan-fried scallops, scoop apple bolls, pan-fried syrup bread crouton, oyster leaves.-Fried grey mullet w/ sweet corn pure, chanterelles and a chicken/mushroom-reduction, truffle salted popcorn, pluck water cress, sugar cure ribs vinaigrette.-Cure krabs tail, fried octopus, “saffronailloli", salt bake celeriac, scoop carrots, krabs consomme spinach & dill oiled puree.-Bake yellow and red beetroot, goat cheeses chiffon, fresh slice white summer truffle, violetpotatochips, pluck herbs (estragon, chervil).-Pan-fried Bakaskuld served with pickle cucumber, compress potato puree, rye bread crouton, horseradish.-Ravioli of sølvbede parmesan pins, balloting off crab, rosenkål leaves and vadouvan, shallots and brown butter sauce, rocket cress.-Smoked poached lemon sole fillet served with creamed bisque dill oil, roasted Jerusalem artichokes tips, onion rings, cucumber, logrom, pluck dill, and see wet.-Pan-fried scallops, bake roasted red and yellow beet root, potato chiffon, fresh black berries and morel vinaigrette, purple potato chips, pluck estragon & chervil.-Pan fried sandart served with scoop fresh apple, celeriac puré, sagogryn marinaded in beetroot & horseradish lay, celery crudity.-Pan fried scallop, pumpkin soup, slice fresh pear, fennel crudity, chervil oil and pluck chervil.

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