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Year 2011

-Cured shrimps served with poached egg yolk, smoked potato pure, burn leek ash, grated fresh horseradish, lemon Jam-vinaigrette, scoop cucumber and pluck danish cress.-Pan-fried eggs served with a spinach pure, pan fried on one side cube of cure tuna 30 g, purple potato crispy, chop fine cure tuna, blanche soya beans, brunoise of shallots, cure havton, lemon jus & rasp oil vinaigrette, pluck red cress and peas shuts, saffron bread crouton tuile.-Poached balloting of lemon sole set with scallops farce, Spinach bavarois cover with a thin parsley horseradish lemon zest, mariner raw sushi prawns, rye bread tuile, morne & nutmeg chiffon, pluck dill, beetroot cress, and mustard cress.-Rye bread terrine stuff with smoked cod eggs farce, served with mariner lumpfish eggs, asparagus potato, soya beans, shallots rings, rasp oil mayonnaise, pickle carrots snails, pluck peas shots, cauliflower crudity.-Celeriac panna cotta served with cure place “Carpatchio” lemon spheres & pure, scoop fresh cucumber, pluck cress & red cress,toast bread crouton, smoke fat crispy lardo, celery crudity.-Pan fried gray mullet served with a rice/corn pure, smoked popcorn, butter poached baby corn panned in dry mushrooms and burn leeks hash, pickled cucumber, parsley oil emulsion glice, pluck wild water cress.-Blanche green asparagus served with a pluck smoke mackerel, sesame crackers, radish crudity, eggs yokes mayonnaise, pluck cress & red cress, apple and malt extra vinaigrette dots, skyr lemon cream.-Pan-fried scallops, tempered pearl buck mix with broccoli & cauliflower tips & pickle cauliflower, foamy coconuts mussels sauce, salted roast almonds, malt scallops rasp crumble, pluck red cress.-Bake cod fish served with a celeriac and white chocolate pure, pickle celeriac snails, scoop fresh cucumber, celery crudity, roasted hazelnuts, fresh oyster + foam, celeriac tuile, pluck borage cress, Salturt.-Lightly smoked Cure kulmule, served with a white asparagus panna cotta & crudity, nettle cold soup, rye bread dices croutons, pluck nettle top & flower, cress.-Poach egg 63,5 degrees, served with cured sushi shrimp, new potato salad, pickled ramsløg capers, rye bread and smoked lard crumble and nettle chiffon.-Fried Gurnard with butter fried white asparagus, fresh cherry, cherry pure, elderflower and Vadouvan vinaigrette, pluck elderflowers.Salted cold smoke salmon served with a pure off cauliflower & crudity, lemon pure, garlic and chives couscous, peas, shallots, mariner rasp oil, tomato coulee sphere smoke algin water, malt crumble pluck peas shots and red cress.--Fried mullet with baked beetroot, crudity, black berries-mayo, fresh black berries, black berries / liquorice crumble, seaweed, oyster leaves.-Deep-fried scallops & crab croquettes (chop dill), cure slice scallops served with a peas Panna cotta set with a dill jelly, marinated fresh peas, pickle red onion in balsamic lay, almond chiffon and roasted salted almonds, Pluck peas shots.-Steam fresh mussel 400g (stk), confit sweat red bell pepper cream, served with sesame biscuit, ramsløg emulsion, sautéed Pluck strand portulack, pickle julienne of roasted red bell pepper.-Butter fry cod ballotine 60 g / portion, ramsløg brandade pure, pickle pearl onion in white wine lay, deep-fry cod skin, pluck Brussels sprouts, deep-fry salted capers, rasp oil & mustard mayo, pluck borage cress, red cress.-Pan-fry scallops 1 stk fry ballotine wrapped in toast bread, served with a pumpkin pure, and salted seeds and scallops crumble, served with a black trumpet mushrooms puree, orange broken jelly, pluck ice salad.-Pan-fry red fish, served with a choucroute and, asparagus potato “terrine”, smoke mussels emulsion, pluck brussels sprouts leaves, red cress & cress.-Raviolis of shrimps and coriander (1 stk), & 1 fry one served with prawns creamed bisque, pumpkins pure & pickle, roasted salted seeds, fresh shallots rings, lemon coulee, pluck red cress coriander stem + leaves.-Butter fry eggs yokes potato served with pickle & fried wild mushrooms, potato & truffle chiffon, crispy purple potato chips, fresh black berries, mushrooms pure, pluck French watercress, and rye bread crumble.-Pan-fry halibut coated with a white eggs and malt bread tuile, served with a chestnut pure, chestnuts & vodka sauce, dill mayonnaise, dices compress cucumber, lemon coulee pluck dill, red cress & brussels sprout.-Pan fried scallops served with a caramelized endives, scallops malto rasp, celeriac and white chocolate pure + crudity, morels, havton vinaigrette, bread, borage cress, rye bread tuile.

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