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Year 2012

Salted and dried Scottish salmon served with smoked potato, poached egg yolk, dill mayo, apple vinegar pearl/sago, rye bread tuile, pluck dill and mustard salad.-Fry cold smoke plaice fillet, creamed Vichyssoise chiffon truffle oil, malt bread ruff tuile & crumble, mariner saltwort & red sea wet, pluck estragon.-Fry tartar of cure scallops wraps in toast bread, served with mariner hand pill sushi shrimps 3 stk, reduce shellfish bisque, dill emulsion, pickle pearl onion in red vine lay, parsley oil, pluck red cress & dill.-Salted and dry Scottish red label salmon served with cauliflower pure & crudity, lemon ink mayo, lemon oil Malto powder, scoop cucumber, rye bread crouton, pluck wild water cress.-Fry cod roe rye bread terrine served with dill mayonnaise, pickle vegetable a la Greek marinated in raps oil and lemon jus hold grain mustard, rye bread crumble, and Pluck peas shots.-Marinated lumpfish roe (shallots, lemon jus, lemon jus raps oil), served with a potato mouse and smoke cheeses, radish crudity, poached eggs, rye bread crumble, roasted smoke lemon coulee dots, pluck cress.-Bake cod “coated with malt rasp” deep fry cod skin, sauce a la Nage, with salt bake celeriac & pluck mussels, fry smoke cod roe muffin, pearl onion red vine lay, pluck saltwort.-Salted Carpaccio of monkfish cheeks, preserve leeks burn one side, fresh green tomato slice, crispy solo garlic, Aioli mayo, saffron crouton, parsley oil & salted coconuts and cream sauce, pluck skvalderkål.-Fry scallops served with small potato dices, shallots, horseradish, brown butter, scoop cucumber, raps oil, Sliced smoked lard, pluck French watercress, deep fried ”sweat potato” Angel hair with salt and vinegar.Bake skate, served with chiffon of fennel juice and peas bulbs, butter fry fresh peas, scoop carrots, slice baby fennel, carrots pure, dill oil, pluck bronze fennel top.Panna cotta of white asparagus & crudity, served with a cure Argentina shrimps, rye bread crumble, and nettle sauce, pluck red nettle flower.-Poached quail eggs (2 stk), served with marinated lumpfish eggs (shallots, lemon zest), Malt blennies, scoops of fresh cucumber, pickle pearl onion in white wine lay, dill mayonnaise, pluck red cress & saltwort.-Poacher salsify served with raps oil & horseradish mayonnaise, cure Norwegian lobster, fin slice brown champignon, and rye bread crumble & smoke lard, pluck cress.Fresh oyster, cure hake panned panko rasp blanche san marzano tomato, celeriac pure, dill oil, oyster chiffon, and pluck strand portulak.Fry scallops, white asparagus & pure, fresh strawberry, pistachio nuts, chop shallots, brown butter and vadouvan vinaigrette, pluck borage cress.Beetroot tagliatelle served with grill goat cheeses crumble & cream spheres, comfit red beetroot, fresh black berries & pure, spicy bread crouton, pluck beetroot leaves rings.-Cold smoke “Carpaccio” of codfish, comfit octopus olive oil, san marzano tomato, saffron rouille, and ink muffin crouton.-Comfit red and yellow beetroot served with a fry scallops, black berries fresh & pure, roasted new potato chiffon & crispy purple potato chips, pluck French watercress.-Butter poacher pickle leeks (camomile lay) served with vinaigrette of shallots dices salted celeriac, slice celeries, pearl barley, raps oil, slice fresh red apple, fresh oyster & mayonnaise, deep fry wild rice pluck borages cress.-Rye bread terrine stuff with culmule Brandade, cure Crabs served with crabs bisque & krondill mayo, vasterbotten cheeses chiffon, plucks cauliflower & broccoli top mariner in raps oil s+p, pluck cress & red cress.Fry gray mullet, peas pure dots, fresh peas, butter fry white asparagus & Broken jelly, pluck peas shoots, malt crumble.Bake monkfish tail, roasted toast bread dices served with caramelized cauliflower pure, cauliflower top and broccoli top mariner in raps oil, pluck dill, cauliflower crudity.-Cured Norwegian lobster, potato/shellfish mayo, new potato chips, salted compressed cucumber, smoked lard malto, raw onion rings and cress.-Fry scallops served with Pearle buck & spelt risotto mix with a couscous of cauliflower & Broccoli, caramelized cauliflower pure, pickle cauliflower stalk, and crudity, fry scallops and malt crumble, coconuts and mussel foam, pluck red cress.halibut served with a pure of green steam spring onion top, caramelized leeks pure, fennel crudity, Pickle cucumbers, foam of smoke lemon, and pluck dill & red cress.Wild mushrooms & spinach risotto, dry black olive & malt crumble, pickle wild chanterelle, lemon zest and pluck wild watercress.Cold smoke salmon served with cauliflower pure & crudity, lemon ink mayo, lemon oil Malto powder, scoop cucumber, rye bread crouton, pluck wild water cress.

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