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Year 2009

-Pan-fried foie gras served with a fried brioche, caramelize fresh orange, salad of baby spinach, confit orange skin, reduction of sauterne and vanilla syrup, avocado pure.-Foie gras snickers terrin m/ peanuts, salted caramel, peanuts, coated coco powder and served with a yellow beetroot chutney, olive oil, estrogen and fresh dices pear vinegrette.-Poached sadel of rabbit served with a choucroute and mustard dressing, ventreche and parsley:-Duck roulade wrapped in toasted bread served with a warm salad of quinoa beans and fried pack Choy, fresh cherry and cherry emulsion, and pickle pearl onion and foie gras comfit, pluck peas shots.-Foie gras terrine served with a figs jam, toast bread melba, and salad of frisse and rocket.-Home made black pudding Sheppard pie, truffle mash potato, glazed onion, mustard cress salad and salted walnuts.-Fried veal sweet bread served with a green cabbage, Pipérade, fresh blood orange and a wild mushroom fume, roasted cashew nuts.-Pan fried balloting of fesan wrap in malt bread, served with celeriac pure and salt bake burn peaces, confit fesan leg, crispy skin, pickle coins, kvedæ fesan glaze, vanilla oil in malto, pluck oregano.-Pan-fried sweet bread served with a quinoa beans a green cabbage warm salad, pan-fried pineapple dices , lightly monted butter pineapple jus, fresh coriander.-Crispy rabbit filet rolled in malt, dried tyttebær, crispy rabbit skin with comfit celeriac and celeriac purée, marinated tyttebær, sherry sauce, celery crudités and pluck merian.-Pan-fried sweat bread served with poached ravioli made of (wild mushroom, spinach, parmesan, pins), mushroom consomme, and milk hazel nuts foam.-Veal tail ravioli served with fried sweat bread, foie gras butter sauce, sauteed portobello mushrooms, and hazelnuts foam.-Salad, served with a confit foie gras terrine served on a toast, confit chicken legs, mix salad, rocket salad, frisee, fresh black berries and fresh shallots rings, mustard, balsamic vinaigrette.pluck

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