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Year 2010

-Pan-fried toast bread terrine, pork joe, slice parma ham, marinated foie gras, jerusalem artichoke chiffon, pluck lobster meat, pork glazed jus, pickle pears, pluck tarragon, chervil.-Roast yellow coquelet breast, confit legs, served with “concasse tomato” and fried spinach ravioli, fried new onion, bloomer tomato, courgettes spaghetti, olive oil and reduce balsamic vinaigrette.-Foie gras terrine: duck breast, portobello, marinated foie gras and fried foie gras, apple pure, apple parisienne rolled in freeze dry raspberries, pecan nuts, balsamic / port vin reduction.-Pan-fried foie gras, mango and ginger marmalade, hazel nuts brioche, fresh grenade apple and foam, roasted hazel nuts, pluck water cress.-Pan-fried saddle of rabbit served with glassed (brown sirup) turnips puree and turnips pickle, poached lobster, pluck mustard cress, and lobster mayonnaise.Chop blanche lobster, and fresh scoop Appel, pluck oregano.-Pan fried sweet bread served with Jerusalem artichokes confit tips and jerusalem artichokes foam.-Pan-fried terrine of confit duck legs, rye bread, served with a pan fried foie gras, and pickle puns. Reduce prunes lay vinaigrette, + roasted nuts and chop estragon.-Open potato Rond slice ravioli field up withchanterelle compote (white wine duxelle, Garlic) pickle chanterelle, pickle potato Parisienne, crispy onion ring (panko), thine slice savoy cabbages + herbs garnish.-Pan fried foie gras 70g stk served with a balsamic & cheery sphere, pickle cherry, shallots ,and baby spinach fried brioche, dry potato tuile, split balsamic, pistachio, vinaigrette, pluck citron melisse.-Home made black pudding sheppard pie, truffle mash potato, glazed botana onion, mustard & red cress, salted walnuts, braising jus sauce.

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