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Year 2011

-Ravioli of braised veal tail served with pickle Bøgehatte mushroom, onion consomme, pickled pearl onion, onion tuile, pluck estragon.-Pan-fried ballotine of beef tartar, served with confit red beetroot, rye bread tuile, shallots rings, pickle pearl onion red lay, deep-fried capers, soya, sesame, oyster sauce vinaigrette, leek, honey, pluck wasabi & paste.-Home made black pudding Sheppard pie, served with a truffle mash potato, pickle pearl onion in red vine lay, flæskesvær, pluck mustard cress and salted walnuts, reduce braising jus.-Pan fried foie gras served with, coated ribs caramel & sugar pickle, glazed Yellow beetroots, rye bread crumble, salted veal tongue, pluck chervil, vinaigrette of rasp oil, shallots , fresh pistachio.-Balloting of corn feat Poussin breast served with a red Christmas cabbage pure, confit leg croquette, pickle pearl onion leaves, cherry emulsion olive oil, foie gras truffle Malto crunch, pluck peas shots.-Pan roasted pork belly served with a crispy rye bread, crackling rye bread crumble, yellow beetroot saffron sphere, tarragon emulsion, pluck red cress, DK cress, tarragon, pickle bøgehatte tips in apple lay.-Pan-fried lamb fillet panned leeks hash, mushrooms dust, and fried braised lamb breast terrine served with anettle & spinachpotato mouse + herbs pure, confit salsify rasp oil, pickle Bøgehatte, pluck nettle, blue snepryd flower, ramsløg, ruffly chop roasted almond.-Roast Quail, confit legs served with caramelized onion pure, onion tuile, grated English licorice and balsamic gastric sauce, pickle pearl onion in red wine lay, sugar cure havton, soya beans, vinaigrette havton skin tube, pluck peas shots.-Terrine of braised pork shanks and mariner foie gras set with pork stock jelly, slice snack cucumber crudity, served with roasted walnuts & malt bread crumble, fresh raspberries, green tomato marmalade, onion pure, pluck onion cress, red cress, white Jasmine flower.-Pan-fried sweet bread served with a open potato ravioli, pickle chanterelle & compote, scoop fresh apple, crispy onion rings, crudity of spring cabbage, sauteed strand portulack.-Cider marinated tenderloin of pork, smoked lardo, apple, tarragon, cure shrimps, shrimp apple consommé, pluck cress and fried strand portulack.-Fried and cure ballotin off foie gras role in leeks hash served with salted walnuts and malt crumble, rasp oil chop Vadouvan, shallots, pistachio nuts, pickle ramsløg capers, slice fresh strawberries vinaigrette, dry pistachio muffin, strawberries skin, emulsion off shallots and balsamic vinegar drops, pluck red cress & kousyre.-Eggs Benedict, poacher eggs, spinach pure, fry spinach, shallots, garlic, fry ventreche, puff pastry basket, Morney chiffon, rye bread crumble, pluck cress.-Roasted saddle of rabbit, havtorn emulsion + sugar cure fresh one, yellow beetroot pickle, vinaigrette of cure havtorn morel, soya beans, white onion pure & tuile, pluck peas shoots.-Pan-fry braised pork belly terrine, served with a sweet onion and apple pure, rye bread and crackling crumble, vinaigrette of fresh apple shallots and raps oil, smoke lard Malto, pluck french water cress & estragon.-Foie gras terrine, salted peanuts caramel dices, served with a quince jam, crudity of Jerusalem artichokes, brioche ruff crouton, pluck water cress.

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