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Year 2012

-Fry sweat bread & comfit chicken legs (dices), fresh dice apples, chop shallots, roasted macadamia nuts mariner raps oil vinaigrette, chiffon Jerusalem artichoke, pluck wild water cress.-Confit wild duck legs served with a fry foie gras (50g) served with a apple compote (jelly), caramelized onion pure, deep fry onion rings, apple skin jelly, brioches, warm peanuts gastric sauce, vinaigrette of fresh apple, roaster crush peanuts, shallots, raps oil, pluck estragon.-Braised beef cheek, and smoke maw terrine, pickle beetroots, pearl onion in beetroot red wine vinegar lay, fry bøgehatte mushrooms, grated fresh horseradish, estragon emulsion, crispy purple potato chips & compress potato, pluck estragon.-Fry comfit rabbit legs terrine or balloting served with a butter fry savoy cabbage, soya beans, dices carrots, fry kaser hate mushrooms, estragon emulsion, pluck peas shoots.Veal tartar (brunoise shallots, chop fresh ramsløg, hold grain mustard salt & pepper), ramsløg emulsion, sesame, and Parmesan crackers, anchovies, pluck ramsløg flower & salturt.Thin slice smoke cold rib eye served with strand horseradish emulsion, butter fry brioche, melon granite, scoop fresh melon, pluck saltwort & pickle mustard strand.Fry comfit sweat bread served with celeriac pure, fry wild mushrooms, crispy chicken skin, Pickle plums & salt bake burn celeriac, grated English licorice, pluck wild watercress.Glazed pork cheek and fried foie-gras served with baked red beetroots and yellow beetroot crudité, burnt onion, cured cranberry mixed with shallots, and estragon, sweet onion foam and pluck estragon.-Quail ( ½ breast, 1 legs) poached quail eggs, pot au feu served with chicken & quail consommé, mushrooms emulsion, crispy chicken skin, ramsløg spheres, pluck pickle ramsløg capers, pluck salturt.-Fry Braised pork shanks & blood terrine, served with a truffle potato chiffon, pickle pearl onion in red vine lay, salted walnuts, dices fresh pear, raps oil vinaigrette, deep fry pork crumble, pluck cress & red cress.

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